* Spellbinda Golden Girl. U.D. - 4552-1. 'A'. nr nrm

V 1195600. 26/02/91. VIC. 1484. 04/04/93.

Sire: * CH. Dorsten Monte Cito. 'A'.'Z'.

Dam: * Erntemond Galaxy Girl. 'A'.

Linebreeding: Dumnonaidh Junker (4 -3), Elan v Michelstader Rathaus (5 -4)

Breeder: Adams A,;

Owner: Joseph J.; Cranbourne. 3977.

1. General Information.
Height at withers: 58.0 cm; Depth of chest: 27.0 cm; Chest circumference: 70.0 cm; Weight: 27.0 kg; Pigment: good; Coat: normal.

2. General Description.
Above medium size, strong bitch of good proportions, Very good type. Very good head and expression. Very good ear set. High withers, firm back, croup of good length but slightly steep. Stands correct in front, pasterns could be slightly firmer. Steps correct front and rear. She displays a very good ground covering gait with firm back.

Colour and markings: Black and Tan.

3. Temperament Test and Gun Sureness.
(1) Character: firm, lively, (2) Watchfulness: present, (3) Condition of Nerves: firm.
(4) Confidence: self-assured, (5) Reaction to Gun Test: self-assured.

4. Structural Evaluations whilst Standing and During Movement.
(1) Sex Characteristics: pronounced. (2) Proportions: correct length, strong, (3) Bones: strong, dry, (4) Muscular Development: strong, (5) Constitution: strong, dry, (6) View from Front: correct, (7a) Firmness in Stance and Ligaments: Front; very good, (7b) Firmness in Stance and Ligaments: Rear; very good, (8) Feet: front; correct, rear; slightly long, (9) Toenails: medium, (10) Hock Joints: very good, (11) Pasterns: good, (12) Elbows: good, (13) Head: strong, (14) Upper Jaw: strong, (15) Lower Jaw: strong, (16) Expression: lively, (17) Eyes: dark, (18) Ears: correct, (19) Withers: high, (20) Back: firm, (21) Croup:
correct length, slightly steep, (22) Angulations: Front; very good, Rear; very good, (23a) Gait: (23b) Reach: very good, (23c) Drive: powerful, (24) Dentition Faults:, Nil.

5. Particular Virtues and Faults.
A bitch which impresses with overall type and strength with slight restriction in the croup area. carried her tail slightly to the left.

6. Advice for selection of Breeding Partner.
No bloodline restrictions. The lines of Quincito Awol and Edlenblut Orkan would be advantageous.

Breed Surveyor: Sterzenbach N.

Breed Survey
(* Hasenway Putz 'A'. - * Ambala Lovely Lady. 'A'.)
(*Rintiloch Rogue - Dalta v Erntemond)
Krista at 3 years
Bodecka Bolly. CD. 'A'Z'